Understanding Bingo Patterns

As soon as you make the switch to playing bingo online, one thing you are going to come across is many different bingo games, some of which you may have never played before. However, one thing that is unusual about some of the games you will have access to at an online bingo site is that they offer different winning patterns.

As such this guide is going to be taking a look at a range of different bingo games and their associated patterns, and that will enable to pick out a game you fancy playing or even one you may never have played before.

Be aware that we urge you to sign up to those bingo sites that we have listed throughout this website, the main reason being that each of them offer a range of different bingo games, plenty of bingo bonuses and as each site is fully licensed and regulated you are going to be guaranteed of playing fair games and will find each of them are busy bingo sites too.

One of the main advantages of playing at a busier bingo site is that you will find many more higher valued bingo prizes on offer, plus a selection of additional side games, which should ensure that you have a fully rounded bingo playing experience, and one that will always see you getting paid out your winnings rapidly when you win!

Single Line Bingo Patterns

One of the most commonly found bingo patterns attached to many different bingo games is the single line pattern, as the name of this pattern suggests when playing bingo you will be hoping that you manage to cross of a line of bingo numbers of any one single card before any other player does.single line

If you are playing for example 90 Ball bingo games then the line of numbers you must cross off on your bingo card will be a horizontal one across your card. In fact, when playing that particular bingo card as soon as a player have formed a one line pattern the game will then move onto a two line pattern.

Games such as 75 ball bingo will allow you to call bingo when you have formed a one line pattern not only horizontally across the screen but vertically too or you could form a one line pattern from corner to corner too.

One thing you may not be aware of when playing for a one line bingo pattern is that if you and any number of other players do manage to form the one line pattern on the same number called out then the prize associated with that pattern will be shared out equally amongst each winning player.

When playing for one line please do be aware that it could only take a small amount of numbers to be called out of the bingo machine before a player does form such a pattern, so these types of games do not take very long to play off!

Full House and Coverall Patterns

If you start to play bingo at any bingo site and in any bingo room at such a site and the game you are playing is for a Full House or a Coverall bingo pattern that means for you to win the cash prizes on offer on that bingo game you need to be the first player to dab off every single bingo number on any one of your bingo cards or bingo tickets.

One of the advantages of playing for either a Coverall or a Full House bingo pattern is that there is often a much higher valued cash prize on offer than when you play for example a line pattern.full house

You will also find that any game that is being played for such a Full House or  Coverall bingo pattern are going to be quite long and drawn out games, for due to the amount of numbers that are printed on bingo cards it will certainly take some time before a player does manage to form such a pattern.

Much like any other bingo games played for any other pattern if more than one player does call house on the same number, the prize will be shared out equally amongst each player that does have a valid claim.

If there is any type of progressive jackpot on offer on these types of games then usually the way that you will win such jackpots is by forming a Full House or Coverall bingo pattern in under a certain number of balls called out of the bingo machine, if not then the jackpot will simply roll over to the next game.

Four Corners and Unique Patterns

Playing for a four corner bingo pattern means that you will need to cross off all four of the numbers that are located in the corner positions on games such as 75 ball bingo games, but be aware that you will never find this pattern on offer on games such as 90 ball bingo though!

In fact, the four corner bingo pattern is one that is much like an “any line” in any direction pattern and there is often no increase in the value of the prize on offer on this type of pattern.

One type of bingo game that we think you should consider playing are those that are known as bingo chat games, and when playing such games you will be playing a fairly standard 75 bingo game on which a standard set of cash prizes will be on offer, however you will also need to be logged into the chat room at the site you are playing at to have the chance of winning additional bonus prizes too.

You will need to look to for the Chat Host in the chat room making an announcement before any bingo game starts as he or she will then announce what additional patterns could be offering a bonus prize if you are the first one to form that pattern and claim it via the chat room!

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