Whilst it is very true to say that gambling can be a fun and pleasant pastime for many people, there are some people who do experience problems with gambling, and as such we want to help you get access to help and support if you feel you cannot control your gambling activities.

In the UK you have to be at the very least 18 years of age to legally be able to gamble online on a mobile device or in a land based venue, and below we have put together a responsible gambling type of guide that will point you in the right direction as to where you can get help and support in regards to any type of gambling related problems you may be experiencing.

Let us now give you a deep insight into several practical yet very easy ways that you are going to be able to get any gambling related problems you may have fully addressed. One course of action to immediately consider is to get yourself banned from each gambling site you already hold an account at.

You will not need to go to any type of extreme measures to get yourself banned from those sites, for you simply need to make contact with them and request that you are self excluded from each site, which will then see the operators of that site close any and all accounts you hold with them.

There is never going to be any going back once you self exclude from a gambling site, for as soon as you have requested to be self excluded you will never be able to gamble again at each site you have self excluded from.

Let us now move onto giving you some ideas of where you can look online to get help and support so that you can get guidance and assistance and for ways that you can help recover from any type or form of gambling related problems.

If you pay a visit to the GamCare website you will find a huge number of very informative, in-depth and helpful resources that are all available for free and are all available anonymously that are going to show you ways to put into place a recovery strategy to help you give up gambling and get things in order in your life again.

Not only will you be able to make use of their huge online set of resources but they also offer a completely free and confidential telephone support service too so you will always be able to speak to someone if you prefer to do so.

We strongly recommend that if you are currently living, staying or are residing in Great Britain that you only gamble at both fully licensed and regulated gambling sites to negate the risk of you running into any type of problems.

You will find a completely listing and overview of every single UK licensed gambling site, gambling app and company by visiting the UK Gambling Commission website