How to Ensure You Get Paid Your Bingo Winnings Quickly

Never think that when playing bingo online you are not going to have the chance of winning a life changing jackpot, for that is of course one of the main attractions of playing bingo, you just never know if today is going to be your lucky day!

Due to the sheer number of players who now play bingo online and due to the huge and ever growing range of bingo sites opening up and going live, you will always find some massive cash jackpots are up for grabs, so when playing if you do pick out those higher paying jackpot bingo games to get stuck into playing it could be you who calls house and wins one of those jackpots.

In fact, it is not only bingo games that you can play at those top rated bingo sites we have listed throughout our website for each of those sites also offer a range of different and sometimes exclusive side games such as slot machines, casino games or scratchcards, and it is also possible to win some mind blowing jackpots on many of those side games too.

However, one thing you will always want to be 100% sure of is that when you do win, and not only a huge a jackpot, but any value of winnings the bingo site is going to pay you out rapidly. This guide will be enlightening you on ways you can always be assured of getting paid out your winnings quickly, so read on and take note of what we are about to tell you!

Pick a Banking Option That Allows for Rapid Withdrawals

All bingo sites are going to have their own set time scales for paying you out your winnings however what you will often find is that it is going to be the method you want paying out your winnings by that will ultimately determine just how quickly any bingo site can pay you out your cards

If for example you request your winnings are to be paid out to you by cheque then you can expect to wait several days or that cheque to be sent out through the postal system. If you opt for a bank transfer then also keep in mind a winning payout from a bingo site can take several days to work its way through the banking system before it finally lands in your bank account.

As such you should always try and avoid selection either of those two types of withdrawal options if you want to get paid out your winnings rapidly.

There are some ways that you can choose to get paid out your winnings by that will always ensure there will be no long and dawn out delays in your receiving your winnings, if you have one of the many e-wallet or web wallet accounts such as Paypal, Skrill or Neteller then as soon as the bingo site processes your winning payout those winnings will instantly hit your web or e-wallet account.

Flushing Your Withdrawals

You should always be wary of playing at a bingo site that will put your withdrawals into something known as a pending state for any amount of time. When playing at such a site and you have requested a winning payout that withdrawal will not leave your bingo site account but it will sit there in a reversible state or what could be several days.

When you play at such a site you will then be able to cancel your withdrawal and have your winnings placed back into your bingo site account to allow you to carry on playing.

However, those bingo sites that do leave your withdrawals pending for several days should always be avoided, for you will always run the very real risk of giving into temptation and reversing your winnings, and that could then see you losing those winnings.

What you may find however is that bingo sites that do leave withdrawals pending for several days may offer something known as a flushing service, and when they do you need to contact the bingo sites custom support team and request your withdrawal is flushed through the system.

By doing so the withdrawal will be removed from its pending state and will not then be accessible by you and will be placed into the queue to be processed and paid out to you. However, you often still have to wait several days for that withdrawal to be processed, so you will be much better off playing at a bingo site that pays out their winnings instantly or within 24 hours maximum!

Be Careful When Using Bonus Credits

If you are the type of online bingo player who tends to claim bonuses on every deposit they make or tends to deposit and claim bonuses regularly then keep in mind before you are going to be able to cash out your winnings when playing with bonus credits you will have had to have followed the terms and conditions of each bonuses to the letter!careful now

As such many bonuses come with a set of play through requirements, and you are only going to be able to make a withdrawal when you have played through your bonus credits a certain number of times.

Many bingo players do not read through the terms and conditions and the bonus play rules after having claimed a bonus and that will always leave them open to falling foul of the bonus rules.

If you do fall foul to any terms and conditions or any extra bonus play rules associated and attached to any bonuses you have claimed you could have you winnings voided when you try and cash them out.

With that in mind we would urge you to always ensure that when you are thinking of claiming any bonuses you always know what you have to do when playing of your bonus credits to save you having your winnings voided by falling foul of such terms and conditions!

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