Don’t Forget to Play the Bingo Side Games!

It is not only every possible type of bingo game that you will be able to access and play when logged into any bingo site, for to ensure all of their players do have plenty of fun and winning opportunities most bingo sites have a huge range of what are known as side games.

Those side games are going to open up and load into the bingo room you may already be playing in, and as such you will be able to get stuck into playing them alongside any bingo games you are playing, and by doing so you then have an additional way to win!

However, if you have not yet played bingo online you may be blissfully unaware of just what type of bingo side games are going to be on offer to you, and it is with that in mind we have put together the following guide to give you an idea of just how wide and varied bingo side games are.

Before we introduce you to the many different types of side games you can play, keep in mind that you will be able to test the following games out for free at any bingo site you are playing at to see if you like playing them, and when and if you do decide to play them for reel money you will always be able to select a different staking option so they will be affordable games to play too!

Fruit Machines and Slot Games

The most played bingo site side games are of course the slot machines and fruit machines, and you will often find dozens and in some cases hundreds of those types of gaming machines on offer to you when you are playing bingo online.

What you should be looking for however is the slot and fruit machines that have been designed in such a way that they give you a higher proportion of your stake money back as winning payouts!fruit machine

The way to tell whether any slot machines or fruit machine is going to do so is by looking up something known as its long term expected payout percentage or its RTP, for the higher to 100% that payout percentage or RTP is then the more of your stake money you will get returned to you as winning payouts the longer you play those machines.

The average payout percentage of most bingo site slot and fruit machines is between 94% and 96% and with that in mind we would urge you to look at the pay tables or the help files or even on a bingo sites website to find the payout percentage information, but when you do you should only start to play the slots and fruit machines that have been designed o return over 96% of your stake money as winning payouts, as they, by definition, are the better paying machines you should play!

Casino Card and Table Games

If you like playing casino card games or casino table games then you will be very pleased to learn you will always find plenty of those types of games on offer to you art most if not all of our featured and fully licensed and regulate bingo sites, so you can pick and choose any of them to play at and will always have access to those categories of side games.

However, if you like playing Roulette for example then one way for you to get the very best chance of winning is to play only the ingle zero roulette games, for due to those games having just the one single zero on their wheels and betting layout as opposed to two zeros on games such as the American Roulette game the house edge is much lower, therefore you winning chances over your long term play will be increased.

Games such as Blackjack however are very popular with players due solely to the fact that those games do come with a certain element of skill, and when playing Blackjack games optimally you can get the house edges down to some very tiny amounts!

Just be aware that games such as Blackjack should only be played once you have fully mastered playing them optimally, but as you can play those types of casino card games for free at all bingo sites you will be able to master playing them in a no risk playing environment via the free play demo mode versions of each game!

Unique Bingo Side Games

If you are looking for a range of unique bingo side games to give you something of an exciting gaming session then be on the lookout for the side games such as Keno, scratchcards or some of the arcade based game you can access and play as aside games at many online bingo sites.

Due to the way many o those games have been designed it is possible that you could win some huge amounts of cash but when you are paying them for very low and modest stake amounts.

Keno games for example are quite similar to bingo games except you are playing in a single player way and will simply have to try and predict as many numbers will be drawn out of the Keno machine, and the more of them you correctly predict the more you then stand to win.

Scratchcard games are also available at most if not all online bingo sites and those games come with variable staking options and tend to have much higher pay backs than those card you can buy from local shops!

One thing you must always be aware of those, is that when you play at a bingo site and claim any bonus credits some of the bingo side games may be restricted games in regards to you being able to play them or not with your bonus credits, so always make sure you can use bonus credits on any side games you are thinking of playing after having claimed a bingo site bonus!

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